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I’ve discovered an antidote for the ailments of spending too much time saturating myself in global news. It’s the sweet and whimsical new single from The Sleeves, a dynamic international duo comprised of Daine Spowart (Australia) and Felicia Harding (Canada).

Wayward Love is a soft dream pop piece, alluring in the simplicity of its gentle, subdued electronic backdrop and its gorgeous lead vocal work (Harding) fused with the balanced but stunning male vocal harmonies of Spowart. Harding’s voice is absolutely captivating. It manages to be both sultry and sweetly innocent at the same time, quaint and yet rich. Strong melody lines draw me in; soft ripples of the synthesizer waft me upwards into the sensation of the light and billowing white clouds of young romance and innocent desire. There’s a passion and purity in the mood of it all that transports me far away from the temptation of gloominess.

Watch for more from The Sleeves in their debut album set for release in Spring 2021.