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Still Sleeping by Noël Wells

Best known for her roles on Saturday Night Live and as Master of None’s Rachel, Noël Wells branched off into music with her self-released debut It’s So Nice! LP at the end of summer 2019. Today, Wells unveils an official music video directed by Sam Fragoso for the album cut, “Still Sleeping.” Watch the new visuals on YouTube or through The Fader’s exclusive premiere. Stream “Still Sleeping” via your preferred streaming platform

Each song on the album It’s So Nice! took on a totally different characterization that matched the story each song was telling. “Still Sleeping” was the quietest most stripped down song on the album and was meant to serve as a kind of folky adult lullaby or fairytale. Like fairytales, it sounds sweet and simple on the surface, but there is a warning it’s trying to convey about getting caught up in external games and not listening to this wiser/primal part of yourself. If you never heed this other call, which is kind of like the call of the wild, you’ll basically sleepwalk through life. It’s also kind of how I feel about the world of achievement, where people are so caught up in the game of getting ahead they miss out on what life is all about.

– Noël Wells

After juggling roles in the worlds of comedy, television, and film, Wells never let her creativity or ambition pause. Which explains why now, with her debut album It’s So Nice!, an 11-song LP that cinches Wells as not just a talent to watch, but a multi-hyphenate artist finding her voice.