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I’ll Be Fine by LELO

Following the success of recent single ABOUT A JOURNEY, which reached number 7 in the UK vinyl singles chart, Leeds based indie / dream-pop quartet LELO release their brand-new single I’LL BE FINE on 18 October via Bradford based label The Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear.

I’LL BE FINE shows LELO exploring a colder and more jagged musical path in a song about feeling both lost and vulnerable in the aftermath of a close relationship.

Singer Ronan Peaker describes the songs subject matter:

“I think breaking up with a partner is very similar to mourning – there’s this overwhelming sea of emotion that takes over; anger, bitterness, sadness. But there’s also the fear of facing the unknown without this person – your rock by your side. This song is about me wading nervously through that period, determined to come back just as strong as I was’.

LELO began as a solo project- an outlet for frontman Ronan Peaker’s late-night, lo-fi tinged musical ideas.

After releasing his debut EP, ‘DIFFERENT TYPES OF LOVE’, Ronan called upon friends Aaron (Bass), Tom (Drums) and Lewis (Keys/Guitar) to help translate LELO’s bedroom sound into something more.

Whilst still very much inspired by all things lo-fi and DIY, the dream-pop outfit now strive toward a higher production value.