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The Vibe by SODAPOP

“The Vibe” by SODAPOP is pretty cool in its simplicity. It’s like a quick, refreshing sip of something sweet when you’re thirsty for a tune that doesn’t demand too much from you. Just under a couple of minutes long, it’s part of a quirky EP where each song feels like a fleeting thought or a snapshot of a daydream.

SODAPOP has this down-to-earth backstory that’s all about roaming the globe with a shoestring budget and a guitar, collecting melodies and memories along the way. This track, like the rest of his latest EP, seems to be a little scrapbook of those sounds and stories. It’s not trying to be the next chart-topper, and there’s a charm in that lack of pretension.

The song itself is a mixtape of genres, with a little funk here, a splash of indie rock there, and a sprinkle of bossa nova for good measure. It’s a mellow kind of track that you can nod along to while you’re doing something else, like making dinner or chilling with a book.

Now, SODAPOP’s whole DIY angle—writing the songs, producing them, even doing the cover art—is admirable. It’s not easy wearing all those hats, and while “The Vibe” might not be breaking new ground, it’s solid. It’s the kind of indiepop that’s comfy and familiar, kind of like your favorite pair of jeans.

If you’re into artists like Dayglow or Clairo, you’ll probably dig this. It’s got that bedroom pop feel—intimate, a bit raw, and very personal. And while SODAPOP might not be the next Ed Sheeran, they’ve got something. Maybe it’s the traveler’s spirit in the music, or just the laid-back, no-fuss vibe of the song.

So, give “The Vibe” a listen. It’s short and sweet, and it might just be the musical palate cleanser you didn’t know you needed. Plus, the EP’s title, “Sweet Fizzly Songs for Miscellaneous Hooligans, Vol. 1,” suggests SODAPOP doesn’t take themselves too seriously, which is refreshing. It’s indiepop that’s content to just be what it is—a brief but pleasant diversion from the day-to-day.