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Valentine’s by Laura Lucas

Laura Lucas’s new single “Valentine’s” strikes a chord that resonates long after the last note fades. It’s a piece of her soul wrapped in strings and melody, delivered with the kind of tender introspection that’s become her signature. This Canadian-born artist, who’s found her stride in the Australian indie-folk scene, crafts songs that are more than just melodies; they’re reflections, fragments of a journey both inward and across continents.

“Valentine’s” is the kind of song that might find you staring out a rain-streaked window, lost in thought. Laura’s vocals are a soft whisper against the storm of emotions the song conjures, as vulnerable and real as the lyrics themselves. She’s not just singing about love; she’s delving into the push and pull of desire and fear, the yearning for connection tempered by the dread of opening one’s heart.

The instrumentation is dreamy, yes, but there’s a richness to it that Dustin Tebbutt’s production enhances—a lush backdrop that elevates Laura’s delicate voice. It’s alt-folk with a modern edge, ethereal yet grounded in the raw honesty of the lyrics. And when Indyana’s strings come in, they’re not just accompaniment; they’re a voice too, echoing the song’s emotional depth.

Listeners who find solace in the poetic musings of Lana Del Rey or the haunting narratives of Phoebe Bridgers will find a new muse in Laura Lucas. There’s a touch of Taylor Swift’s storytelling prowess too, but make no mistake—Laura’s voice is distinctly her own. Her debut EP “Light the Candle, Hold the Mirror” was a journey in itself, a cross-continental collaboration that laid bare her talent for encapsulating the human experience in song.

“Valentine’s” is a promising glimpse of what’s to come in her upcoming EP “The Dreamer,” due out December 8. If this single is any indication, listeners can expect a collection of tracks that feel like diary entries set to music—intimate, evocative, and beautifully crafted. Laura Lucas is not just a musician; she’s a modern-day bard, and “Valentine’s” is another reminder of her gift for turning life into art.