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Toothpaste by Extra Space

A Fresh Breath in Indie Rock

In the ever-evolving landscape of indie rock, it’s a rare delight to stumble upon a track that resonates with both freshness and familiarity. “Toothpaste,” the latest offering from Brooklyn-based band Extra Space, is exactly that—a musical concoction that brushes up against the norms of indie rock with a minty, experimental twist. Released on January 26, 2024, as the second single from their upcoming record “Green Season,” this song by Extra Space (consisting of Joey Puleio and Chris Kyle) is a sonic toothbrush of chill vibes and dreamy soundscapes.

Bridging the gap between lo-fi rock and dream pop, “Toothpaste” encapsulates the essence of bands like Mac DeMarco, Big Thief, and Real Estate, while carving out its own niche. The song’s experimental nature aligns it with the likes of Deerhunter, yet it maintains a unique identity that is distinctly Extra Space. The track’s lo-fi aesthetics blend seamlessly with its dream pop elements, creating a chill, yet experimental mood that invites listeners into the band’s re-organized creative space.

The production quality of “Toothpaste” is notable for its balanced blend of clarity and lo-fi charm. The track’s arrangement is thoughtfully layered, allowing each element to breathe and contribute to the overall atmosphere without overpowering the others. The vocals are distinct yet blend harmoniously with the instrumentation, creating an immersive experience for the listener.

“Toothpaste” is a track that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a testament to Extra Space’s ability to create music that’s both reflective and forward-looking. As we await the release of “Green Season,” “Toothpaste” stands as a promising glimpse into what Extra Space is capable of delivering.