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Truthfully by The Moving Stills

Bringing us some of the sunshine and surf-rock flavors from Down Under, The Morning Stills brings me just what the doctor ordered on a cold day. Released from their new album Sunshine Corner (coming January 28, 2022) this track is called Truthfully.

And truthfully, there’s a genuine and happy-go-lucky vibe to it that makes this a just plain feel-good track. The quality of the reverb and synths, the steady rock beat, the relaxed vocal delivery, all make it undemanding and nostalgic, easy to receive. Hints of surf-rock guitar rhythms and a smiling bassline make me…smile. Argument with your partner? Listen to this one. Bad performance review at work? Hit play on your drive home. Stuck in a Northern climate and feeling cold all the time? This is for you too. Truthfully just might be the antidote for any Bad Day situation.

The four-piece band (Tom, Mike, Brad and Ben), based in New South Wales’ Central Coast, have been revisiting some older pieces while generating some new ones. With help from friend and collaborator Dylan Adams, the band has been compiling old and creating new songs for their new album Sunshine Corner (released through Sureshaker).

Of the album, The Moving Stills describes their work: “We write songs based on our experiences and what we know. It’s definitely honest and heartfelt.” I think that’s the attractive feature I hear in Truthfully. It feels honest and human all wrapped up in a warm, sunny optimism.