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Undress by Beach Novels

Introducing Beach Novels’ Newest Single “Undress”

The latest single from the band Beach Novels has been released and it is sure to make you swoon! “Undress” is a lo-fi tune with 80s synths and a catchy melody line that will have you singing along. But what really sets this song apart is its use of saxophone in the production. Now that’s something special!

The track was self-produced by Beach Novels in their living room, making it even more impressive. It’s an amazing feat to be able to take the sound of a band and recreate it in such an intimate space, but they pulled off the job with grace and style. The song has an infectious beat, captivating lyrics and the saxophone adds a unique touch that really brings it all together.

The single comes from their upcoming release which promises to be full of surprises. Beach Novels is having some fun experimenting with new vibes and sounds, so listeners can expect to hear some exciting new music when the album drops. They are really pushing boundaries with their artistry, so this release should be something extraordinary!

All in all, Beach Novels’ latest single “Undress” is everything we expected it to be and more. With its lo-fi vibes, 80s synth soundscapes, catchy melodies and memorable saxophone licks, the single serves as an excellent introduction to what we can expect from their upcoming release. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of listening to “Undress” yet then do yourself a favor – turn up your speakers nice and loud and press play now! You won’t regret it!