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Descendants by Shipping Forecast

A Cinematic Journey Through Post-Rock Landscapes

In the ever-evolving world of music, every so often, a track comes along that not only resonates with the times but also carves a niche for itself in the annals of alternative rock. Shipping Forecast’s latest offering, “Descendants,” is one such masterpiece. Released by Tundrer Records and echoing the ethereal vibes of bands like Balmorhea, Hammock, Son Lux, Caspian, and Sigur Rós, this song is a monumental addition to the Shoegaze, Post Rock, and Alt Rock genres.

A Dystopian Symphony
“Descendants” is a song that encapsulates the essence of a dystopian narrative, wrapped in apocalyptic soundscapes. The band describes it as their most “cinematic, atmospheric, and transformational” work to date. Indeed, from the very first note, the listener is transported to a realm that is at once foreboding and mesmerizing. The song’s gargantuan structure mirrors the vastness of a post-apocalyptic world, while its intricate layers of sound evoke a sense of both despair and hope.

Artistic Vision and Thematic Depth
The song’s thematic core is its post-apocalyptic theme, embellished with extravagant strings and a distinctly dystopian timbre. It’s a bold leap from Shipping Forecast, whose mission, as stated, is to “speak the truth” and create music from the heart. This vision is palpable in every chord of “Descendants.” The influence of bands like Sigur Ros, Mogwai, and We Lost The Sea is evident, yet Shipping Forecast manages to forge a unique identity, blending the colossal soundscapes of post-rock with the emotive intensity of the emo scene.

A Personal Touch
The Shipping Forecast started as a personal project in early 2023, born out of a desire to create a “safe space” for music. This deeply personal approach shines through in “Descendants.” Unlike many of their post-rock influences, Shipping Forecast incorporates vocals, bringing a human touch to their sonic explorations. The voice in “Descendants” acts not just as an instrument, but as a beacon of the human spirit, adding a layer of profound connection to the listener.

Engagement and Interaction
Fans of Shipping Forecast can immerse themselves further into the band’s world through their social media platforms. Follow them on Spotify (, YouTube (, Instagram (, and Facebook ( Each platform offers a unique window into the band’s creative process and the journey behind “Descendants.”

Sit back, relax, and let “Descendants” transport you to a world both haunting and beautiful. As the band themselves put it, join them on this journey – you won’t regret it.