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5pm by Sea Glass

The indie folk genre has long been a sanctuary for introspective lyricism and intricate musicianship, and the track “5pm” by Sea Glass, in collaboration with Yes Kid and Jared Saltiel, is no exception. This song is an emotional odyssey that takes the listener on a journey to unnamed places, both within and outside the self. It’s a track that’s as much about the process of its creation as it is about the final product, and that dual narrative adds a layer of depth that’s hard to ignore.

The song was born out of a collaboration between Sea Glass (Jake Muskat) and Jared Saltiel during their artist residency at Silver Sun Foundation in Woodstock, NY. The two musicians, who first met as freshman roommates at the University of Michigan, have a unique working relationship that allows them to bring out the best in each other. Muskat describes Saltiel as “one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with,” and that high level of mutual respect and admiration is palpable in the track.

Inspired by artists like Foxwarren and Tomberlin, “5pm” aims for a slow, almost imperceptible build-up that culminates in an emotional climax. The song achieves this through a carefully crafted chord progression and instrumental arrangement that feels both understated and powerful. Every note and chord is meticulously placed, creating a musical landscape that’s as haunting as it is beautiful. Saltiel notes that everything you hear in the track was “carefully considered,” and that attention to detail shines through in the final product.

Adding another layer to this already complex tapestry is the contribution of Yael (Yes Kid), whose vocals bring a sense of “longing” and “resolve” to the track. Muskat had been a fan of her work since 2021 and knew that her “sincere, sensitive and haunting” voice would be the perfect addition to the song. When he sent her the initial recording, she quickly sent back her contributions, which fit seamlessly into the existing musical bed. The result is a song that feels both collaborative and deeply personal, a testament to the talents of all three artists involved.

What sets “5pm” apart from other tracks in the genre is its emotional resonance. It’s a song that aims to capture a specific feeling—a sense of longing, a desire for things to be okay even when you know they might not be—and it succeeds on every level. Muskat describes it as the “perfect driving record,” and it’s easy to see why. It’s the kind of song that invites introspection, that makes you want to take a long drive through empty streets as you ponder the complexities of life.

Jared Saltiel sums it up best when he says he’s “really proud of this one.” And he should be. “5pm” is a track that showcases the best of what indie folk has to offer: emotional depth, musical complexity, and a sense of collaborative spirit that’s all too rare in today’s music landscape. It’s a song that rewards multiple listens, each time revealing something new and unexpected. In a world that often feels chaotic and overwhelming, “5pm” serves as a reminder of the beauty that can be found in simplicity and emotional honesty.