The Glitch Mob
The Glitch Mob

See Without Eyes by The Glitch Mob

The third album from this longtime electronic trio from L.A. is an audible masterpiece.  Heavy bass and multi-layered electronics leave the listener in a state of wonder.  “I Could Be Anything” featuring Elohim is a haunting track that draws out the nature of the vocalist and captivates the listener with a myriad of emotion.  Tula, featured on “How Could This Be Wrong,” picks up where Elohim leaves off. The tune has a fantastical roller coaster effect, while the vocals are heartwarming against the crispness of the Glitch Mob’s heavy contrasting beats.

The album can be seen as both “light” and “dark” as expressed by the band in an interview with Ryan Castillo, at the Dancing Astronaut. The interview is fantastic and Ryan does a great job drawing out the truths of the album.

Take the opportunity to enjoy this album when you have a few moments to relax and truly soak in the tracks.


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