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Blood Horizon by RITUALS

Sonic Journey Through Love and Loss

Embracing Shadows with a Romantic, Aggressive Heartbeat

The music scene has witnessed the return of a familiar, yet freshly invigorated voice with RITUALS’ latest single, “Blood Horizon.” Released just 24 hours ago, on March 6, 2024, at 11:00 pm, this track marks a significant moment for the Toronto-based outfit: their first release leading up to a highly anticipated live show, their first in a decade. Known for their unique blend of Shoegaze, Post-Punk, and Nu Gaze, RITUALS offers a deep dive into themes of youth, love, and overcoming tragedy, all enveloped in a sound that resonates with fans of Deftones, my bloody valentine, and Washed Out.

A Tapestry of Sound Woven from Tragedy and Love

“Blood Horizon” is a masterful composition that weaves together the moody, romantic, and aggressive elements of RITUALS’ sound. Frontman Adam Seward and his bandmates Phil Wilson, Chris Riel, and Alistair Blundale have sculpted a musical landscape that is both haunting and beautiful, capturing the essence of falling in love in the aftermath of loss. The song’s layered guitars, ethereal vocals, and pulsating rhythms create a soundscape that is as immersive as it is introspective, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own emotions.

The Journey of RITUALS: From Bedroom Project to Stage

The story of RITUALS is one of passion, evolution, and resilience. Originating as a bedroom project in 2009, Adam Seward’s vision has grown through collaborations with a diverse array of musicians, leading to over 300 shows, two EPs, and tours with acts like Metz, Mac DeMarco, and Austra. After a hiatus that saw Seward exploring filmmaking, the band has reemerged with new material and a renewed spirit, ready to captivate audiences once again.

A Promising Horizon: Upcoming Shows and Releases

With “Blood Horizon,” RITUALS not only heralds their return but also sets the stage for an exciting year ahead. The band is slated to play their comeback show on March 24th at The Monarch Tavern in Toronto, alongside Stillwaves. This performance, paired with the upcoming release of another single, “Aurora,” in Spring 2024, promises to reignite the band’s presence in the indie music scene and beyond.