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Catacombs by Krooked Kings

Digging Deep into 'Catacombs': Krooked Kings Unearth Indie Rock's Treasured Sounds

In the ever-evolving landscape of indie music, Krooked Kings’ latest offering, “Catacombs,” emerges as a striking testament to the band’s maturation and artistic depth. Released on January 25, 2024, this track solidifies the quintet’s place in the indie rock and pop sphere, resonating with fans of Day Wave, DIIV, Wild Nothing, and Cloud Nothings, yet carving out its own distinct identity.

“Catacombs” is an audacious journey through the echoing chambers of youth, nostalgia, and introspection, encapsulated within an upbeat indie-rock soundscape. The song commences with a blast of guitar-led vigor, a signature move from Krooked Kings, known for their ability to blend poppy melodies with an indie grit. The ensemble comprising Oliver Martin, David Macey, Matthew Monossan, Paul Colgan, and Quinton Casper, delivers a sound that is both refreshingly youthful and laden with a grunge-esque robustness.

The track’s production intricately layers guitars with a raw energy that harks back to the band’s influences from The Strokes and Bon Iver, while also nodding to the smirking scrappiness of their Salt Lake City roots. What sets “Catacombs” apart is its euphoric urgency, a likely nod to bassist Matt Monossan’s affinity for house music, seamlessly blended with indie rock’s heartfelt lyricism and dynamic instrumentation.

Lyrically, “Catacombs” delves into the complexities of growth and the pursuit of identity, a theme recurrent in Krooked Kings’ discography. The band’s storytelling prowess is on full display, with Oliver Martin’s therapeutic songwriting offering a cathartic outlet for both the band and its audience. The song resonates with the band’s journey of self-discovery, echoing their commitment to creating music that moves people and fosters a sense of community.

In the broader context of Krooked Kings’ evolution, “Catacombs” stands up as a flag, spearheading their artistic progress. From their rumbling debut single “Hesitation” to their reflective albums “The Comedown” and “All Out Of Good Days,” the band has consistently pushed the boundaries of indie rock. Their music, imbued with themes of belonging, depression, and climate anxiety, never loses sight of the joy and empowerment found in shared musical experiences.

As Krooked Kings venture into the next phase of their career, “Catacombs” exemplifies the band’s growing ambition and their unwavering dedication to making music that is both personal and universally resonant. This song is a milestone in the band’s journey, inviting listeners into the labyrinthine depths of their collective psyche.

For fans and newcomers alike, “Catacombs” is an essential listen, offering a glimpse into the heart of Krooked Kings and the indomitable spirit of indie music. It’s a song that encapsulates the essence of youth, change, and the unbreakable bond of friendship, making Krooked Kings a band to watch in the indie scene.