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Change My Heart by Quasar

“Change My Heart” by indie synthpop band Quasar is a track that lands somewhere in the nebulous realm between genres. The band draws massive influence from acts like Ivy Lane and The Midnight, and it’s clear they’ve set out to craft a sound that’s both palatable and radio-friendly, while channeling the unmistakable energy of the 80s.

The challenge with a song like this is pinpointing its genre. Is it Synthwave, Synthpop, or something else entirely? Quasar’s struggle to define their genre mirrors the elusive nature of their music. It’s a sonic journey that’s certainly enjoyable, but it’s also a bit difficult to pin down.

“Change My Heart” is a track that’s designed to make you feel good, and it succeeds in that regard. The 80s vibes are unmistakable, with pulsating synths and a driving beat that harkens back to that era’s iconic sound. The influences from Ivy Lane, KEV, The Midnight, Sunglasses Kid, and W O L F C L U B are apparent, creating a nostalgic aura that’s hard to resist.

However, the challenge lies in the track’s identity crisis. It’s as if Quasar is trying to fit into a musical box but finds itself constantly shifting between different ones. The result is a song that, while enjoyable, lacks a clear sense of direction. Is it fully Synthwave, or is it more Synthpop? The lines blur, leaving listeners with a somewhat perplexing experience.

That said, “Change My Heart” is undeniably catchy. Its radio-friendly sound and infectious melodies make it an easy listen, and the band’s commitment to creating music that evokes positive emotions is evident. It’s a track that will likely find its place among fans of both Synthwave and Synthpop, even if it defies easy classification.

In the end, Quasar’s “Change My Heart” is a testament to the band’s pursuit of music that feels good. While it may not neatly fit into a specific genre, it doesn’t necessarily need to. It’s a track that’s enjoyable on its own terms, offering a nostalgic trip to the 80s with a contemporary twist. So, whether it’s Synthwave, Synthpop, or something in between, one thing is certain: it’s music that’s meant to make you groove and feel good.