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Cracks by Glass Mask

Echoes of Introspection: Glass Mask's 'Cracks' Weaves a Haunting Tapestry of Slowcore and Shoegaze Mastery

Glass Mask’s latest release, “Cracks,” is a captivating addition to the indie music landscape. Released on January 8, 2024, this track marks a significant milestone for the Kingston, PA-based band as their first full-band endeavor. The song, a fusion of slowcore, shoegaze, and emo elements, offers listeners a rich, moody soundscape.

The opening bars of “Cracks” set a reflective, almost introspective mood. Listeners are immediately drawn in by the compelling main riff, which is both haunting and intricate. As the song progresses to its chorus, there’s a noticeable shift in intensity, showcasing Glass Mask’s skill in songcraft. This crescendo around the 2:25 mark is a highlight, demonstrating the band’s ability to seamlessly blend contrasting musical themes.

Originating as a pandemic project by vocalist/guitarist Toni Pennello, Glass Mask has evolved into a full-fledged musical entity. This transition from a solo endeavor to a complete band reflects the dynamic nature of the indie music scene, particularly in genres like slowcore, shoegaze, and emo. The band’s sound is a unique blend of the introspective quality of shoegaze with the emotive power of slowcore, resulting in music that is both resonant and distinctive.

Fans of bands like Hum, Title Fight, and Slowdive will find elements in “Cracks” that echo these influences. Yet, Glass Mask brings its own unique perspective to these familiar tones, carving out a niche within the indie music genre. The band’s fusion of melancholic melodies with an underlying energy makes “Cracks” a compelling listen.

For those interested in exploring more of Glass Mask’s music, following their journey on social media and streaming platforms like Spotify offers a window into their creative process and future projects. “Cracks” is not only a testament to the band’s artistic growth but also a standout addition to the indie, slowcore, and shoegaze music scenes.