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Enough as it Was by Amos the Kid

Amos the Kid’s debut LP, Enough as it Was, showcases the artist’s unique and off-kilter vision of country music. The title track, in particular, stands out with its swaying blend of roots instrumentation and chopped percussive samples, creating a fresh sound that is both incisive and fun. The album sees frontman and namesake Amos Nadlersmith exploring new sonic territories, incorporating grungier undertones to his indie-tinged-country rock.

Amos Nadlersmith, the Winnipeg-based musician, has been making waves in the Canadian music scene over the last few years, with the release of his EPs ‘Mountain View’ and ‘No More New Ideas’. His unique sound, a blend of indie rock and country, has garnered critical acclaim and has gained him a loyal following in his hometown. The announcement of his debut LP, ‘Enough as it Was’, has been met with great anticipation from both fans and critics alike.

Nadlersmith’s journey to success has been a relatively short one. After moving from rural Manitoba to Winnipeg in 2013, he spent his time casually writing songs and working as a wilderness guide. In 2018, he was convinced by producer Adam Fuhr to step into his recording studio and record his first EP, ‘Mountain View’. The EP was a success, and Nadlersmith’s star began to rise. His follow-up, ‘No More New Ideas’, refined his sound even further and saw him gain even more critical acclaim.

‘Enough as it Was’ sees Nadlersmith fully flesh out the corners of his sonic world, with grungier undertones added to his indie-tinged country rock sound. The album’s centerpiece is its title track, a startlingly off-kilter and warped vision of country music that stands unique in his catalogue, and perhaps in popular music at large. The album has been described as incisive and feel-good, matching the energy of his live shows.

Amos the Kid is less singular than the name suggests, and Nadlersmith has been quick to credit his collaborators for his success. The LP reunites the creative team from his earlier EPs, with Adam Fuhr producing, engineering, and mixing the album at House of Wonders, and Cam Loeppky at Argyle Studio mastering it. The album features contributions from Jensen Fridfinnson, Brian Gluck, Boy Golden, and Jeremy Haywood-Smith, among others.

The release of ‘Enough as it Was’ is one of the most anticipated Canadian album releases of 2023, with critics and fans alike eagerly awaiting its release. The LP will be available on vinyl and streaming services from May 5th. Nadlersmith’s tour in support of the album is set to kick off on May 14th in Toronto, with dates in Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary also on the itinerary. The live shows promise to be a highlight for fans, with Nadlersmith’s high-energy performances being one of the reasons for his rise to fame.

Amos Nadlersmith has come a long way in a short amount of time, with his unique sound and high-energy performances winning over fans and critics alike. The release of his debut LP, ‘Enough as it Was’, promises to be one of the standout Canadian album releases of 2023, and his upcoming tour is sure to cement his place as one of Canada’s rising stars.

Overall, Enough as it Was is an exhilarating and fresh take on country music, showcasing Amos the Kid’s talent for pushing the boundaries of the genre. The album is sure to delight fans of indie rock and country alike, and the upcoming tour is not to be missed.