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FOMO by Small Million

Small Million’s latest single “FOMO” is an absolute gem that showcases the band’s ability to craft deeply affecting indie pop music with smart, introspective lyrics. The track explores the idea of letting go of control in life and love, and the unexpected beauty that can result from doing so.

Lead vocalist Ryan Linder’s emotive delivery draws the listener in from the very beginning, with the band’s expertly crafted sonic production providing a perfect backdrop for the song’s themes. The addition of Ben Tyler on drums and Kale Chesney on bass and harmonies has expanded Small Million’s sound, allowing them to incorporate more raw indie rock energy while still maintaining their signature synth pop style.

“FOMO” is an intimate yet epic track that will leave listeners both aching and healed. It’s clear that Small Million has evolved and grown as a band, and their newest music dropping throughout 2023 on Tender Loving Empire Records is sure to be eagerly anticipated by fans old and new alike.

Overall, “FOMO” is an exceptional single that showcases Small Million’s talent for crafting emotionally resonant indie pop music. With their unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics, the band is sure to continue to make waves in the music world.