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Forest by Fossil Collective

Fantastic instrumentation and a growing moodiness translate a dark narrative. David Fendick and Jonny Hooker have created a spellbinding journey that layers mood, instrumentation and serene melody.

The track was recorded at Young Thug studios in New York and highlights what has been a bit of a long hiatus for the Fossil Collective.

Fossil Collective formed in 2011 and consists of multi-instrumentalists David Fendick and Jonny Hooker.

“We were listening to the kind of music we grew up with (Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor),” Jonny reminisces.

“We decided there and then to try and capture the essence of that traditional song craft, to strip everything back to the song, lyrics and melody.’’

Added Dave, “it was actually very liberating to be able to do that.”