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Ghost by Arlo Wells

I love the energy in this tune. It brings me back to a better day when post-hardcore and screamo bands seemed to rule the airwaves and shows were just back to back to back… Arlo Wells has a driven sound that crashes into you. The aggression is similar to Underoath in its delivery, however, there is still a semblance of melodic undertones that soothes the palette.

I find the guitar tone and the pitch of the vocalist to be spot on. It’s just too often that the singer screaming overtop isn’t really connecting with the rest of the band. But Arlo Wells has captured this fluid vibe, a near-perfect aggressive screamer delivery that isn’t robbing from the rest of the song. Seriously, check it out. It’s spot on.

The band is comprised of William Langlais, Austin Smith-Greaves, and Alex Chapman, who came together in 2017. This 3 piece played their first show in late 2018 and hasn’t looked back.