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Sisyphus by Vintz Desert

Here is an artist who can reach in and stir up the waters. Washington-based musician Vintz Desert‘s songwriting delicately taps into the deepest experiences of being human. His sensitivity to mood and emotion are evocative and stirring in all the right ways.

Drawing from the themes and images of an ancient Greek myth, the track is titled after the Greek king Sisyphus and ruminates on the journey of longing, toil, loss and eventual futility. As punishment for cheating death, the Greek gods punish King Sisyphus with the painful and futile work of pushing a boulder to the top of a hill. Each time he approached the summit, the boulder rolled back down to the bottom. King Sisyphus is doomed to repeat the cycle endlessly.

Tender heart full of disrepair

Covered up with flowers in your hair

Holding out the mountain of your dreams

The closer you get, the farther that it seems

The acoustic guitar work in the song is exquisite. The finger-plucked notes blur together into soft waves, the volume subtly moving in and out like an ebb and flow. Light, melancholic touches of piano add to the dynamics and to the delicacy, with Vintz’s softly soulful lead vocal work moving the instrumentation toward a slow eruption of crescendo. It’s a kind of soulful acoustic folk ballad that tells one story for us all.

Sisyphus released on April 15, 2022 and is the first track of Vintz Desert‘s new EP releasing on May 20, 2022. The track was written, mixed and recorded by Vintz Desert and mastered by his friend Hannah Wyatt. Previously released tracks include Love in Boston (March 2020–83K streams) and We Can Be Human (February 2022).