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Gravitation by Katmando x MIYNT

From the heart of Sweden’s musical talent pool emerges a collaboration that feels as natural as it is enchanting. Katmando, known for his evocative sonic impressions of the mythical “shangri-las”, teams up with the internationally recognized MIYNT to deliver “Gravitation” – a track that is as flirtatious as it is groovy.

Released on June 14th, “Gravitation” is a harmonious blend of indie, ambient, and dance music. It’s the kind of track that effortlessly finds its place in the backdrop of late summer nights, where the air is thick with nostalgia and the promise of memories yet to be made. The song’s rhythm and melody pull you in, much like the gravitational force it sings about, making it hard to resist the urge to sway along.

The collaboration between Katmando and MIYNT is not just a musical one; it’s a testament to a friendship that has spanned over a decade. Their camaraderie is palpable in the track, making it feel intimate and personal. As Kylin recalls, the song is a “documentation of our original artistic attraction”, and it’s evident in every note and lyric.

MIYNT’s statement about the song offers a whimsical insight into its creation. “We wanted to write a song about gravity because apparently you cannot defy it, even if our heads may be in the clouds at times.” This playful acknowledgment of their dreamy dispositions adds a layer of depth to the track, making it relatable to anyone who’s ever felt grounded yet lost in thought.

The psychedelic music video accompanying the track is the cherry on top. Crafted by the talented duo themselves, it’s a visual treat that complements the song’s vibe perfectly. It’s a journey through vibrant colors and dreamy sequences, much like a trip through the artists’ minds.

Katmando and MIYNT have managed to capture the essence of summer, friendship, and the inescapable pull of attraction in a track that’s bound to be on repeat for many. Highly recommended for those looking to lose themselves in a musical embrace.