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Habit to Help by Rose Brokenshire

A Beacon of Solace and Self-Support

Embracing Inner Strength Amidst Serene Soundscapes

In the indie music scene, where authenticity and emotional depth are paramount, Rose Brokenshire’s latest single, “Habit to Help,” emerges as a luminous example of introspective songwriting blended with ethereal soundscapes. Released just 25 hours ago, this track marks another milestone in Brokenshire’s journey from a Wildland Firefighter with a passion for music to a burgeoning indie artist with a distinct voice.

A Melodic Mantra for Self-Compassion

At its core, “Habit to Help” is an ode to the often overlooked art of being there for oneself. Drawing on her unique life experiences, Brokenshire crafts a narrative that resonates with anyone who’s ever struggled to extend the same kindness to themselves as they easily offer to others. The song is imbued with a happy, chill mood, effortlessly weaving the artist’s folk roots with the modern sensibilities of indie pop and dream pop. Fans of Alice Phoebe Lou, Julia Jacklin, Maggie Rogers, Billie Eilish, and Lucy Dacus will find familiar comfort in Brokenshire’s sound, yet be pleasantly surprised by her unique twist on the genre.

Musically, “Habit to Help” is a masterclass in balancing simplicity with complexity. Brokenshire’s ambient vocals serve as the guiding light through a soundscape dotted with ethereal lo-fi bedroom feels. It’s a musical journey that mirrors the peaceful yet profound transition she has experienced in her own life, moving from the bustling life of Toronto to the tranquil embrace of Golden, British Columbia. This track, like much of her work, is a reflex reaction to the beauty and turbulence of life, crafted from a place of deep vulnerability and soul-searching tension.

A Must-Listen for Indie Enthusiasts and Dreamers Alike

For those who have followed Brokenshire’s career, “Habit to Help” is a testament to her evolution as an artist. From her folk music beginnings to her current exploration of ambient electronic tunes, this single encapsulates the peaceful and present musical style she has recently crafted. It’s a song that not only offers solace but also invites listeners to reflect on their own practices of self-help and compassion.

Rose Brokenshire’s “Habit to Help” is a companion for those moments of introspection and growth. As Brokenshire continues to blaze her trail in the indie music scene, this track stands as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the strength found in self-support.