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In Case I Never Told You by Nina Soro

Canadian born singer-songwriter Nina Soro now crafts her beautiful indie-pop tunes out of Brooklyn NY. Not afraid of the lush texture that her clear and earthy vocal range provides her, Nina is at home with the concept of art, comparing her lyrics to paintings:

“Lyrics have always felt like paintings to me.” says Nina, “I obsess over one album and hang on the image of every line! It’s probably not healthy.”

Nina Soro

In Case I Never Told You” is a pop song inspired by the unexpected loss of Nina’s dear friend. Produced by Charles Myers, the project focuses on creating a mix of heartfelt emotions to convey both the feelings of grief and acceptance. Myers’ atmospheric production paired with Nina’s insightful lyrics and silky alto voice, ICINTY is a deeply thoughtful and emotional record. Written by both Nina and the masterful songwriter Ana Yanez, the courageous lyrics go above and beyond the expression of love and loss.

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