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In Puzzles by SWiiMS

“In Puzzles” by SWiiMS is a sonic journey that perfectly encapsulates the delicate nuances of new love, set against the backdrop of a world grappling with isolation and loss. This Toronto-based indie rock outfit, known for their eclectic blend of Brit Rock, New Wave, Dream Pop, and Shoegaze, delivers a track that is both introspective and hopeful, resonating deeply in these uncertain times.

The song’s lyrical content, reflecting on the process of navigating a new relationship, strikes a chord. It’s about enjoying each fleeting moment, not rushing, and letting the relationship unfold in its own time. This theme of savoring the discovery of one another, coupled with the undercurrents of the global pandemic’s induced isolation, creates a poignant contrast. The track is imbued with a sense of hope and anticipation, despite the underlying themes of loss and loneliness.

Musically, “In Puzzles” is a testament to SWiiMS’ ability to weave a complex tapestry of sound. The jangly guitar pop and fuzzy melodies, signature to the band, create an immersive soundscape. Mai Diaz Langou’s languid vocals, combined with Colin Thompson’s skillful guitar work, and Cian O’Ruanaidh’s melodic bass lines, produce a dreamy, ethereal quality that is enchanting.

What sets SWiiMS apart is their ability to balance their sound with beautifully crafted lyrics and harmonies. Their music isn’t just heard; it’s felt. The layers of their sound, with its Brit Rock and New Wave influences, are seamlessly integrated with the dreamy elements of Dream Pop and Shoegaze. It’s a sound that’s distinctly their own, yet familiar in its comforting nostalgia.

“In Puzzles,” like their other tracks, is drenched in thoughtful songwriting. It’s a song that not only showcases their excellent instrumentalism but also their depth as lyricists. The track leaves the listener wanting more, eager to delve deeper into the emotional landscapes they paint.

In essence, “In Puzzles” is a reflection of SWiiMS’ artistry, perfectly capturing the essence of their upcoming album “Into The Blue Night.” It’s a track that resonates with those who turn to music for solace, for understanding, or simply for the joy of being wrapped up in a beautiful melody. It’s a song that, in many ways, feels like a beacon of light in a time of darkness, offering hope and a reminder of the beauty in human connections. For those who have yet to discover SWiiMS, “In Puzzles” is the perfect introduction to a band that is quickly carving out a unique space in the indie music scene.