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Into the Outer Light by Juliper Sky

Manchester has gifted us with Juliper Sky, a five-piece Dreampop/Shoegaze band that showcases a lush sound with elements of Psych rock and featuring some dynamite walls of sound.

The band perfectly marries the escapist sound, sharing densely rich, soaked reverb along with bright synth styles. “Into the Outer Light,” is just that a burgeoning garden, a richly woven tapestry of nuanced emotion, and atmospheric delivery. The band continues to see extensive plays on the early 2019 EP “Visions of a New Age,” receiving over a quarter of a million streams to date.

The band, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Jamie Lambert, guitar/synth player Liam Grindell, guitarist Dan Parker, bassist Roger Damen, and drummer Ben Pursehouse, have crafted a narrative in song, that moves from one point to another taking the listener on a journey through their music. This all points to another release to hit in 2021.