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It Stops With Me by Lust For Love

This is dynamic, cinematic delivery at it’s best. Very Trip-hop flavored, with a little Rn’B flavor, think Sade meets Portishead. You can feel the push and pull in the lyric, and the added tension from the effected instrumentation.

This duo began their journey in early 2020 at the start of the pandemic, and in this short time have really delivered a stunning piece of art that not only delivers in its musical balance and composition but, on a surreal, strickly emotional level, you are left with a haunting gaze and maybe more questions than answers.

”In societies where we are praised for keeping in line we grow up to get duped. To repeat this script and pattern. Compassion is the emotion no one thinks is profitable enough to use. 

You own the power to end a recurrence of pain. It Stops With Me is an emotional battle to break free. To take blinders off and start over from scratch. With you, for you and the army of you.”


Video made by Johan Samuelsson, Berlin award winning Agency Eat, Sleep + Design.