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This tune has great flow from start to finish. The troupe from the UK has really captured the hearts of its followers, which were all clamouring for there new album. Animals + Gods is a blast with retro synth and psych pop laden melody. I swear at times they are channeling some Interpool and Stereo Lab vibes.

The album, was done over the course of two years, this tune “Animals + Gods is the second single and picks up on the journey left by “Rewind to Kickstart.” I really find that the band has a great connection with rhythym and melody. It sounds so simple but paired with the perfect vocal tone this is a recipe that far too many bands just can’t grasp.

Fantastic driving tune, brilliant melodic chorus and flowing synth hitting richly throughout the chorus. It’s brilliant. I also think there is an eclectic, almost drama influenced tone in the vocalists delivery. It’s truly something special. Actually, for Hawksley Workman fans, this band really won’t disapoint.  Très bien!