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Lavenderbees by Coucou Babe

In the shimmering world of dream pop, where the ethereal meets the tangible, a new entrant has emerged, casting a spellbinding aura that resonates with the soulful echoes of legends like Beach House and Alvvays. Enter “Lavenderbees” by Coucou Babe, a track that’s not just a song but an experience, a journey through the hallways of dreamy psychedelia and shoegaze tranquility.

At the heart of Coucou Babe are Gabrielle Walters from the USA and Tobias Haller from Austria, whose paths crossed through their respective bands, Aux Portes and Gabbadelic. This meeting of minds and musical souls in Vienna blossomed into a collaboration that’s as enchanting as it is eclectic. Gabrielle, captivated by Vienna’s charm, relocated to continue this melodious adventure, and thus, Coucou Babe was born.

“Lavenderbees” is a testament to their unique synergy. It’s a song that invites listeners to dance alone in their rooms, swaying to rhythms that are at once intimate and expansive. The track’s lush, layered soundscape envelops you in a cocoon of romantic, dark, and sexy tones, where each strum, beat, and note is a thread in a tapestry of sonic bliss.

Coucou Babe’s music is a sanctuary for dream pop enthusiasts, a place where slow dances and solitary reveries find a rhythm. Their live performances, featuring four additional kindred spirits, are a spectacle of shared passion for dream pop, psych rock, and shoegaze. But it’s not just about the grand stage for them. Recognizing the intimacy of their sound, Coucou Babe is also crafting a stripped-down setup, perfect for smaller venues and living room concerts, enhancing the personal connection their music naturally fosters.

As 2024 approaches, Coucou Babe is gearing up to release several new songs, each carrying the promise of being a new favorite for fans and newcomers alike. Their dedication to their craft is palpable, with plans to play as many shows as possible, spreading the magic of their music far and wide.

The duo’s artistic journey is also a tribute to Coucou, the beloved black Maine Coon cat who was not just a pet but a muse and a member of the band. His spirit, embodied in the band’s name and future logo, continues to inspire and guide them. “Lavenderbees” and the songs to come are dedicated to him, a reminder that music, at its best, is a celebration of connections, both human and beyond.

For further exploration of the dream pop genre, readers might enjoy delving into the discography of Beach House, or experiencing the enchanting performances of Alvvays on YouTube. More information and reviews of “Lavenderbees” by Coucou Babe can be found on Obscure Sound and American Pancake.