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Let There Be by Tekla Waterfield & Jeff Fielder

This husband and wife duo present a lush carpet of sound. The anthem Let There Be, was written as a response to a message of hope by Barack Obama to the 2020 graduating class. This tune features Tekla Waterfield’s haunting vocal prowess that really comes out as being quite sensual and lyrically very poignant.

I really find myself engaging in the carnal manner of her vocal; presented through this Americana style (think Jenny Lewis) that isn’t lost but given a solid ground to stand on. Paired with Tekla’s husband Jeff Fielder, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who’s gritty and soulful guitar lines entwine themselves around her lyrics.

The moodiness in the song is so well represented. I find the bass and rolling snare hits just the right point. I really want to mention the presence of the lead guitar, it’s exceptional. This is a mature sound, one that has obviously been passionately developed and nurtured over time. It’s often that you hear these little idiosyncrasies with developed players, subtle notes that make all the difference. Pair that with amazing tone, and this is a brilliant release.