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Caan Light Me Up on IMR

Light Me Up by Caan

UK songwriter and producer Caan (full name Caan Capan) returns with his blissful retrospective summer anthem ‘Light Me Up’, released via Cats and Cream records on September 13th and accompanied by a  lyric video filmed in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Arriving at the tail end of this year’s summer, ‘Light Me Up’ offers a look back at summers gone by. With its luscious guitars and melodies that ooze into one another, ‘Light Me Up’ makes you feel just as nostalgic as Caan does, reminiscent of those warm summer nights.

Speaking of the single Caan says, “Light Me Up is about the magic of summer & in particular 2018, one I’ll never forget. Those long days and warm nights abroad with a load of mates, all on the pursuit of happiness and pleasure. But I found something deeper than hedonism. An individual so pure and real that she lit up my summer and changed my world forever.”

The third single to be released by the former member of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool in the last year, ‘Light Me Up’ joins previous releases ‘High Tides’ and ‘Ghost In My Head’ in a series to be featured on a forthcoming EP, all of which were co-written and produced by London-based producer, Mkulu, who was introduced to Caan three years ago by his manager. It was one of those “instantaneous clicks” and the pair began honing the art of songwriting together, laying down tracks until Caan felt “comfortable and ready” for people to hear the results. 

For Caan, music is a way to “pour over emotions and puzzle back some sort of answer,” says the Camden-born, Tottenham-dwelling artist. “I’m not here for the fame or social media hype…I feel like I have experienced that before with the band, and it never ended up bringing any real joy. I’m just here to make meaningful pop music that people can relate to or connect with.” 

Music has been in Caan’s life since birth – his grandfather used to play clarinet in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Both of his parents were avid music lovers, playing an eclectic mix of music in the Turkish & Irish household. His older brothers handed down their love of hip-hop, acid house, jungle and R&B and to an impressionable teenage Caan. At the age of 13 he had started MCing and DJing at the Acland Burghley after-school project Bigga Fish. “I’ve always felt like I’ve had music in my DNA,” quips Caan, who filters elements of these inherited styles through a hyper-melodic musical sensibility that any pop fan in 2019 will instantly recognise – and love.

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