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“One Mile” is a song inspired by a 50,000-mile journey. A journey across a divided country fraught with addiction, gun violence, and depression. The first mile taught us as much as the 49,999 that followed. That unity starts within your community. After traveling around the country on The Unity Collective and having people sign our tour bus with a message of unity, this song was the call to action. An anthem of hope in a difficult time. 

“Together we rise, Apart we fall.” The walls we have built in this world, are just the manifestation of the walls in our own hearts. After mounting a wildly successful Emmy Award-winning journey to 50 States in 2016 filming the groups documentary “State of the Unity”, “One Mile” is a musical memoir for the film (fall 2019) and upcoming album (fall 2019). Written by Nathaniel Paul Hoff and produced and engineered by Matt Wiggins (Glass Animals, Adele, London Grammar) (UK). The song will be accompanied by a fully animated cartoon music video premiere TBA.

The song’s signature comes at 2:51, when the music breaks with a euphoric drop. The culmination of this drop is pushed with 2 drum recordings (split into stereo) at the conclusion of this section, a groundbreaking approach to drum recording.

In a time of scarred by division and fear, The Bergamot has composed a track that hopes to restore a sense of empathy in the human heart. As the U.S. staggers towards the election cycle of 2020, the band brings a message and music video that helps to lay the groundwork for their upcoming documentary “The State of the Unity” filmed in all 50 states, over 50,000 miles, in 2016. 4 years later the band returns with the lyrics “The world can seem so strange, When your only One Mile away” illustrates the main theme that the band learned from their “Unity Collective” journey to all 50 States, that unity starts within one mile of where you live. In your mind, in your home, on your street, in your neighborhood, in your city – unity starts with “u”. We have built these walls of division and hate and we have the ability to tear them down. The band hopes to stir in the listeners a sense of hope and optimism as we enter into another election cycle.

It is vital that bands and other professions do their part to tear down the walls of fear and hate that we have built over the last 4 years. The single “One Mile” hopes to champion a sense of empathy and hope for the future. One mile at a time.