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Features fast-paced, lofi instrumentals and soaring guitars. Lyrically, 18pm feature catchy lyrics and relatable and repetitive chorus lines. 

In a world with flashy and complex music production, we stick out as the antithesis to this. Our music aims to sound no more than what it is: two guys with a laptop and some guitars, writing songs that we hope our audience can scream in their cars on their way to work. We don’t want to put up a front for ourselves. Rather, we would like to just be ourselves through our music and keep things simple. We’re nothing different from a listener or fan of our music, we’re just people.

This song “Idontknowwhyieventry” is an intentionally upbeat song with less upbeat lyrics. It’s representative of getting constantly knocked down in life, but having to keep moving forward despite the dread that normally follows. It’s set up in the guise of a failed romance, but it’s meant to be a glimpse into day-to-day life.