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“Phantasmal Echoes: Unraveling the Mystique of Larches’ ‘Attack of the Telephones'”


Jacob Cona’s project Larches, born in the musical cradle of Athens, GA, and nurtured in the vibrant atmosphere of Seattle, WA, presents an auditory odyssey in their debut album “Attack of the Telephones.” This album is a labyrinth of sound and emotion, capturing a hallucinogenic tapestry of isolation, loneliness, and hope. It’s like stepping into a dream where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, where friends become telephones, and gods cower in corners.

“Attack of the Telephones,” crafted over a decade and finalized in the solitude of lockdown, is a profound reflection of Cona’s journey – from leaving home to confronting loneliness, ego, and the divine. With ten tracks spanning just over 33 minutes, this album released on September 30, 2022, isn’t just a listen; it’s an experience.

The albums opening track immediately transports you to ethereal realms. Cona’s mastery in blending sonic heights with mystical lyrics sets a surreal tone, luring you deeper into the album’s enigmatic world.

The sonic landscape of Larches’ “Attack of the Telephones” is a kaleidoscope of auditory innovation, seamlessly blending genres to create something entirely unique. Jacob Cona’s ability to fuse folk roots with pop sensibilities and noise elements results in a sound that is both familiar and uncharted. His use of extended range guitars, combined with a knack for layering sounds, creates a rich, textured atmosphere that envelopes the listener. This blend of traditional and experimental approaches gives the album its distinctive character. It’s as if Cona is a musical alchemist, transforming sonic elements into a new form of auditory gold.

The meticulous production, every note and nuance carefully considered, further elevates the album’s appeal. Through “Attack of the Telephones,” Larches not only showcases a deep understanding of musicality but also a fearless approach to exploring and expanding the boundaries of genre. This album is a testament to Cona’s ingenuity and artistry, marking Larches as a project with a keen ear for the past and a bold vision for the future of music.
Jacob Cona’s vocal style in “Attack of the Telephones” is a standout element, reminiscent of the Beatles in its melodic richness and emotive depth. His voice carries a certain timeless quality, echoing the legendary band’s ability to convey complex emotions through simple yet profound melodies. Cona’s vocals have a way of weaving through the tracks, at times a gentle caress, at other times a powerful wave, but always central to the album’s charm.

This Beatles-esque approach is not just in the tonality but also in the way Cona plays with vocal harmonies and lyrical phrasing. His ability to layer vocals, creating a tapestry of sound that feels both nostalgic and fresh, is remarkable. In songs like “Birthday” and “Island,” we hear not just a singer, but a storyteller, using his voice to paint vivid pictures and evoke a range of emotions. The Beatles were known for their innovative use of vocal harmonies and emotional expression, and Cona channels this beautifully, bringing a modern twist to a classic style.

Moreover, Cona’s transition from behind the scenes as an audio engineer to the forefront as a vocalist and musician is a journey that speaks volumes about his versatility and passion. This shift is far from trivial; it requires not only technical skill but also a deep understanding of musicality and the courage to be vulnerable in a new way. In the engineering booth, Cona mastered the craft of shaping and refining sound. Stepping up to the microphone, he brings this expertise to his performances, imbuing each track with a polished yet heartfelt quality.

Cona’s multifaceted talent shines through in every aspect of “Attack of the Telephones.” As a vocalist, he captivates with his melodious and expressive style. As a musician, he demonstrates a keen ear for composition and arrangement. And as an audio engineer, he ensures that every element of the album synergizes to create an immersive listening experience. This seamless integration of roles showcases not just Cona’s technical prowess but also his artistic vision, making “Attack of the Telephones” a testament to his multifaceted musical journey.