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Harmonic Journeys: Exploring the Depths of Sedan Sedan’s Debut A Frame Around Nothing


Embarking on a sonic expedition, Sedan Sedan’s debut album “A Frame Around Nothing” emerges as an indie rock revelation, weaving through the intricate alleys of emotion and ambition. From the heart of Tempe, Arizona, this dynamic four-piece ensemble has skilfully intertwined quirky flair with technical prowess, infusing their tracks with an undeniable sense of fun and infectious rhythm. Sedan Sedan transcends mere music-making; they’re storytellers, harmonizing narratives within their melodies, beckoning kindred spirits to delve into their rhythmic realm.

The album unfolds as a tale of two halves, each brimming with its own distinct aura and thematic essence. Side A, spanning from the ethereal “forever in flowers” to the anthemic “not about you,” serves as a vibrant showcase of the band’s energetic and extroverted persona. These tracks aren’t just songs; they’re expansive musical landscapes, where guitar-driven force meets sky-high choruses, echoing the band’s growth from their earlier EP, “All That Glitters is Glitter,” yet radiating with newfound depth and maturity.

The journey commences with “forever in flowers,” a 03:49 minute melodious voyage that sets a dynamic tone for the album. Following suit, “feels like shouting” and “i can feel you move” keep up the spirited tempo, each composition distinct yet seamlessly woven into the fabric of the album’s ethos. “meet me outside” then tempers the pace, introducing a contemplative undertone before the rhythm surges back. “the sideline” shifts gear, spotlighting a mellower groove, with “not about you” elegantly encapsulating Side A’s expansive spirit.

Side B plunges into more introspective and shadowy depths. Kicking off with “feeling nothing,” this segment of the album melds a spectrum of influences, painting a soundscape that’s rich and complex. “exit ramp (ft. Emmett King)” marks a shift to an almost spectral domain, punctuated by moments of deep introspection. The pulsating bass synth of “fall with me” adds a palpable energy, while “friendly condescension” captivates with its intricate arrangement. The album’s narrative arc continues through the brief yet poignant “moonlight and rain,” reaching contemplative heights with “i. it’s fine in that it doesn’t matter” and “ii. while we’re dreaming,” before culminating in the serene embrace of “comfort together.” Each track, distinct in character, stitches together this richly layered narrative fabric.

Carlin Johnson’s lead vocals and guitar resonate with authentic emotion, forming the album’s heartfelt core, as Tyler Dandy’s guitar and backing vocals weave complex harmonies. Dominic Mayr’s bass and William McKenna Slone’s drums and nylon string guitar lay down a rhythmically solid yet innovative foundation. The expert mixing and mastering by Jalipaz at AudioConfusion in Mesa, AZ, illuminate the nuances of Sedan Sedan’s arrangements, ensuring each track vibrates with purpose and clarity.

“A Frame Around Nothing” is a symphony of hope, introspection, and bold experimentation. It mirrors Sedan Sedan’s journey through the pandemic, manifesting as a musical testament to their artistic evolution. This debut album not only heralds a promising future for the band but also extends an invitation for listeners to partake in a voyage of musical discovery and self-reflection.