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Piece of Me by SAMSARA

Emerging from the vibrant indie rock scene, SAMSARA delivers an electrifying blend of melodic richness and sonic depth with their latest single, “Piece of Me.” Released just over a week ago, this track sets a high bar for indie and alternative rock in 2024, showcasing a maturity that belies the youth of its creators. Comprising college students from Queens and Long Island—Dylan Trif (lead vocals), Charlie LoMonaco (guitar/background vocals), John Devito (bass), Ben Bustamante (drums/background vocals), and Brendan Sandhovel (second guitar)—SAMSARA is quickly defining itself as a band with a distinct, heavyweight sound that’s both challenging and refreshingly unique in the genre.

The song, an anthem of emotional turbulence and introspection, articulates the frustration of cyclical, opaque relationships where truths remain unsaid, and stories are left incomplete. SAMSARA’s ability to capture the essence of such universal experiences, coupled with their ambient yet heavy instrumentals, offers listeners a piece of their own reflections and struggles, making “Piece of Me” an emotional journey.

Tuned Loud applauds SAMSARA for their musical depth, which seems to stretch beyond their years, a sentiment that anyone diving into “Piece of Me” would echo. This track is a testament to the band’s evolving artistry, influenced by their experiences, including a triumphant win at the 2023 Kids Rock For Kids Battle of the Bands, memorable performances at notable festivals, and a productive stint with Grammy Award winner Steve Addabbo.

SAMSARA’s knack for creating a vibrant, high-energy live show experience translates well into their studio work, with “Piece of Me” serving as a perfect showcase of this synergy. The band’s anticipation of working with legendary music producer Gordon Raphael hints at the exciting growth and exploration still ahead for them, promising fans more immersive and challenging music to come.