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Pines by Somewhere South of Here

The track Pines by Somewhere South of Here is an explosive and high-energy punk/emo song that will undoubtedly leave you breathless. The track opens with a dirge-y western riff that creates an eerie and haunting atmosphere, before suddenly launching into a cathartic and aggressive drop that will have you screaming along in no time.

The lyrics of the song revolve around the concept of not feeling human anymore, which is aptly reflected in the music video that features the band members engaging in all sorts of wild antics. The video perfectly captures the energy and rawness of the track, creating a sensory overload that will leave you feeling exhilarated and energized.

Somewhere South of Here is a four-piece punk/alternative group from Michigan that has been making waves in the DIY scene since 2015. Their LP “Leave Me for the Crows” showcases their growth, decay, and rebirth as musicians, and draws inspiration from a wide range of genres, including contemporary punk rockers like The Menzingers and PUP.

Pines is a fantastic addition to Somewhere South of Here’s discography, and showcases their ability to create explosive and energetic punk/emo tracks that will have you on your feet and singing along in no time. If you’re a fan of high-energy punk rock, then this is a track that you definitely don’t want to miss!