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Ride It Out by India Thieriot

Echoes of the Heart: India Thieriot's 'Ride It Out' - A Soulful Journey Through Sisterly Love and Hope

In the tapestry of modern folk music, India Thieriot’s “Ride It Out” emerges as a poignant, heartfelt ode, resonating with a mix of sorrow and hope. A sister’s love letter to her brother grappling with depression, the song is a melodic embrace, assuring him that she’ll be by his side through thick and thin. With its acoustic folk roots, “Ride It Out” is a serene yet powerful reminder that there’s light at the end of every tunnel.

India Thieriot, a 24-year-old NYC-based singer-songwriter, carries the emotional depth of her San Francisco upbringing into her music. Her artistry has blossomed since she began songwriting at age 10, evolving into a soul-stirring blend of R&B and pop. Influenced by lyric-driven icons (her inspirations include Lucy Dacus​, Noah Kahan​, and Gracie Abrams​), India’s songwriting is a profound reflection of her life experiences. You can follow her journey and latest updates on Instagram at @indylouthieriot.

“Ride It Out” stands out for its authenticity and relatability. It’s a track that speaks to anyone who’s ever felt alone in their struggles, a musical hug from a sister to a sibling far away. This sentimentality is further echoed by similar artists like boygenius​ and Catie Turner​, who also weave personal narratives into their songs.

The acoustic simplicity of “Ride It Out” allows India’s emotive voice to take center stage, delivering each lyric with a sincerity that reaches right into the soul. The song is a testament to her versatility as an artist, effortlessly transitioning from her usual R&B and pop blend to a more stripped-down, folk sound.

India Thieriot’s music, especially evident in “Ride It Out,” is a celebration of human connection and emotional resilience. As she continues to perform around NYC, drawing inspiration from the city’s vibrant music scene, India is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of singer-songwriters. Her commitment to authenticity and heartfelt storytelling makes her a beacon for those who find solace and strength in music.

“Ride It Out” is available to stream on platforms like Spotify​ and YouTube​, where listeners can immerse themselves in India Thieriot’s deeply personal and evocative soundscapes.