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Avi Snow

Sideways by Avi Snow & Ben Cina

This is a fantastic track by Avi and Ben. The instrumentation is next to perfection, the vocals are serene and full of placid emotion. This song could honestly become a great companion to our cultural desire for self-direction. An excess of emotion and depth in the production creates such an artistic canvas to explore. There is a great sense of space in this tune that the instrumentation is sharing as an auditory vision. This is expressed by the artists as the backdrop of a lonely stretch of highway.

From the artist: Sideways is a story about waking up one day and realizing you’ve lost your way. Whether that’s a friendship, love affair, relationship, etc you begin to come to an understanding that somewhere you went off course. It’s that feeling of being stranded on the side of the road in an unfamiliar place. The music and melodies paint a picture of a lonely blacktop stretching out into the desert with the sun fading over the hills. In the end, we all have to decide if you keep going forward or retreat back to what you know. Ben and I recorded this one at my Home studio in Williamsburg.