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Silver Skies by Frank Follows

Stockholm’s music scene has always been a melting pot of innovation, creativity, and raw talent. But every once in a while, a band emerges that captures the essence of the city’s spirit and channels it into a sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. Enter Frank Follows, the Indie Rock trio that’s making waves with their debut album, ‘Flight Thoughts’.

Set to release on April 28th, ‘Flight Thoughts’ is a 10-track masterpiece that encapsulates the feeling of breaking free from reality. With vulnerable falsettos and dreamy guitars, the album paints a picture of a world where the boundaries of imagination are limitless. The focus track, ‘Silver Skies’, stands out as a poignant reflection on the concept of lifting off the ground and soaring into the vast expanse of one’s thoughts.

Frank Follows is a harmonious blend of Adrian’s vocals and guitar, Olof’s keys and production, and Måns’ guitar prowess. Their sound is a paradox – haunting yet comforting, powerful yet cordial. It’s a sound that invites listeners to delve deep into their emotions and embark on a journey of introspection.

In their own words, “‘Flight Thoughts’ is a reflection of ourselves and who we have been over the past few years. The creative process has been a long roller coaster of self-exploration and a search for musical identity. It has been a journey of creative challenges in both harmony and disharmony.”

Before the anticipation of ‘Flight Thoughts’, Frank Follows had already made their mark with four singles. ‘Like You’, the first single, was released on November 11th and quickly became a favorite among Spotify playlists. ‘Siren’ followed suit on December 2nd, and ‘Somehow’ graced the music scene on February 10th, 2023, accompanied by a captivating video. The final single, ‘Now They Know’, landed on March 10th, solidifying the band’s presence in the Indie Rock genre.

The band’s music has not only been a hit in their native Sweden but has also garnered attention from the UK, US, and Europe. With over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s evident that Frank Follows is on a trajectory to stardom.

‘Flight Thoughts’ is set to release under the banner of Flak Records, a label based in both London and Stockholm. For those eager to get a taste of the album, a pre-listen is available. Additionally, for more in-depth information on the band and their journey, a full EPK can be accessed.

‘Silver Skies’ by Frank Follows is more than just a song; it’s an experience. As the band prepares to release ‘Flight Thoughts’, fans and new listeners alike can expect a musical journey that transcends the ordinary and delves into the extraordinary realm of imagination and emotion. Mark your calendars for April 28th, 2023, and prepare to be transported to a world where the skies are always silver.