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Pittsburgh duo Dinosoul return with “Sorrows”, a stirring soundscape of intimate vocals, glistening bell tones and room-filling synths that urges the listener to embrace and stand up to their troubles. Singer/guitarist Donny Donovan explains the track’s origins; “There were moments in my life where all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t want to wake up or see anyone. I was so comfortable with never waking up.” She continues, “My dreams were more exciting than my actual life. Being scared in my nightmares was better than being alone in my real life. I feel like it can be addictive.”

“Sorrows” is a song of two sides. The verses are heaped with a sense of self-doubt and a sadness that presents in Donovan’s vocal delivery that cracks with a weariness born of disappointment and frustration. In striking contrast, the chorus, balanced with it’s rich sub-bass and crystalline falsetto of Hilliard offers the rallying challenge to “wake up and follow all your own sorrows”. The duo explain this duality, “The song is a call to surrender to the journey of sorrow; it’s a cry to bravely take an adventure into your mind, and to confront fears, sadness and doubt so you can break that addictive cycle of escaping.”

Since their formation in 2016, Dinosoul have built a reputation for their “innovative” (Pure Grain Audio), “mesmerizing” (Rebel Noise) and “stunning” (The Grey Estates) sound. This reputation is set to continue with “Sorrows” which follows the release of “Let Me Go” and in many ways is its first cousin; keen-eared listeners will note the matching “Don’t Go” pleas within the bridges of each song.

As the latter half of their name might hint, Dinosoul take a spiritual approach to their music and particularly champion the catharsis of shared melancholy. They concisely describe this ethos that runs throughout their compositions as “Pain is medicine, pleasure is disease.” Dinosoul grew out of the duo’s personal partnership and if there is one central tenet that carries from their personal relationship into every Dinosoul composition then it is trust. Not just of each other, but of the universe at large. Behind these brooding soundscapes is a message that urges the listener to trust the universe; where trusting means embracing pain, relinquishing the need to control, and appreciating what comes as part of the shared journey we are on.