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The Madness by Nicotine Dolls

Life can be a process, it can be full of emotions that feel like a never ending rollercoaster.

While some of us try to enjoy the summer and make memories that last, while enjoying the nerve tickling adrenaline of the ride, a lot of people struggle daily with their own paralyzing thoughts and worry to share them with others. In times like these, there are songs that feel like a shoulder to lean on. 

NY-based alternative band Nicotine Dolls are back with the successor to their debut single „Fake“ – after touring the US in Spring, they got themselves back into the studio to record a song, that got amazing live reactions from the audiences – The Madness was never meant to  be a single, but its overwhelming feedback left Nicotine Dolls no choice but to release it as their second single on September 27th. Reminding of a modern sound-symbiosis between The 1975 & Nothing But Thieves, the real essence of this song lays in its story:

In “The Madness” the band is working in processing past, hurtful memories into a overwhelming and heartbreaking new sound. They give their audiences an insight in past experiences, where they don’t just describe constant bullying and being in nerve wracking fear of what could happen next,  but also about how it should change their future way of living way into their adulthood. “10 seconds and i know Iʼll be fine. 10 seconds of thinking I might actually die. Then it subsides”  

The video for “The Madness” is like an intense diary. It shows the struggling of a person who is working through crippling anxiety and panic attacks and how being in public, everyday locations can be triggering and overwhelming for someone. The images are beautifully shot and show the raw expressions of the singer fighting with himself and his emotions. The close ups, the frequent jump cuts and the ever changing color and light schemes help the audience to feel the same intense, breathtaking emotions and to get even more involved into the storyline of the video.