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Sorrowful song, and so very moving. I think the artist really brings his want through in his caressing vocal. This sound is shaped in the pensive instrumentation, singular acoustic guitar and violin, and the poetic balance in the narrative. His cadence leaves the listener in wonder, and though all is lost, there is this moment of love, of a still comfort. I adore the warm vocal delivery, along with the balance between that vocal warmth, and the analogue closeness in the recording.

There is beauty in Butler’s honest conveyance of the reflection on his experience; calling off an engagement three weeks prior to his wedding day. You feel his brokenness, his love, and his loss. What may not have been his choice, will take time to pause, reflect, and march on.

I lost my best friend, I lost my way,

to wander vacant on my own…

Tom Butler, the Storm

The song shares his utter sadness, and his most desired love.