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russell taine jr featured on IMR

Year and a Moon by Russel Taine Jr.

Written about the long car ride from Cleveland, OH to NYC, this song is an homage to restless nights and meandering desires. Delirious from a lack of sleep, the protagonist imagines what could have been with a resolution that exists only in imagination. The initial thrum of an electric guitar through a reverse & tape pedal snaps the present into focus and the past into a contrasting relief.

About the band: Based in Austin, TX, Russel Taine Jr. blends indie rock, folk music and punk into an energetic presentation. The four piece includes Aaron Winston (vocals/guitar), Justin Winslow (bass), Cory Fica (drums) and Brittany Long (keys). The group officially formed in March 2017 after a last-minute request to play at Austin’s famous venue The Mohawk. After spending 2017-2018 playing shows around Austin, Russel Taine Jr. put together their inaugural EP, American Dream, and a music video. A second EP, Tales, is in progress.