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Up incoming artist Amarii, based out of Vancouver Island, displays lyrical talent and captivating vocals in his hit single ‘Bad Guy”. Other songs of his include “IM DONE” which amassed 72 thousand streams on Spotify. His simplistic instrumental accompaniment leaves room for melodic vocals. Amarii closely resembles Grammy awarded “The Kid LAROI” with his emo sounding style of vocal delivery and pop rap flow.

Dark tones and a lead piano provide perfect accompaniment for somber vocals and smooth vocal delivery. Bad Guy deals with the idea of a bitter relationship, being the “Bad guy in the story”.

I personally enjoyed the high notes during the chorus as well as choosing to only use one instrument is a decision that can only be made if the vocals can hold an audiences attention! Amarii did that and more!

Check out his Spotify, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did.