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Waste of Time By Smith & Thell

Meaningful lyrics and wonderful instrumentation.

Victor Thell and Maria Smith known as “Smith and Thell” released they’re debut album “Soulprints” in 2017 however they’re music career launched with the release of “Forgive Me Friend” being streamed 85 million times! “Forgive Me Friend” was also #1 on Pop Radio in Sweden and Poland, as well as Top 10 in the U.S..

The newest addition to their music library is a single called ” Waste Of Time”. A beautifully written guitar line with a wonderful mixture of vocals. Instrumental components including a violin and a piano lead during the final stages of the song.

The song is written about the regret of moving on from a lover, with meaningful lyrics that stick out from other writers such as “Love isn’t patient, neither am I”. The energy is unmatched and the vocal delivery was excellent. Give it a listen and I hope you enjoy!