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Big Love by Lucy Gaffney

A Nostalgic Journey Home

Lucy Gaffney’s latest single, “Big Love,” illuminates the indie music scene with its vibrant, nostalgic essence, marking a significant milestone in her journey. This tune is the second single from her eagerly anticipated third EP. With its roots in indie rock, indie pop, and dream pop, “Big Love” offers a happy, romantic, and chill vibe that fans of artists like Thom Southern, Bleach Lab, NewDad, and Pale Blue Eyes will surely appreciate.

“Big Love” is a testament to Gaffney’s rich, emotive storytelling and musical prowess. Written upon her return to her native Belfast after years in Liverpool, the song emerges from a place of stillness and sanctuary that feels like a rare find away from home. Gaffney credits long walks up the Divis and Black Mountain for the song’s inspiration, embracing the sense of familiarity and grounding that only nature and home can provide. “I was sitting by the fire, looking out of the window, and ‘Big Love’ was written in a moment of pure flow,” Gaffney shares, revealing the song’s deep connection to her Irish roots and personal moments of contentment and self-worth.

“I was sitting by the fire, looking out of the window, and ‘Big Love’ was written in a moment of pure flow,”

Lucy Gaffney

The production of “Big Love,” led by her brother and fellow musician Thom Southern, began in Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios and was later finished in their mother’s garage during a lockdown, blending professional studio craftsmanship with the intimacy of a homegrown project. This blend is evident in the song’s captivating mix of simple yet profound piano lines, melodic bass, and Gaffney’s hypnotic vocals, which together craft a piece that’s every bit as colorful and impactful as the artist’s journey itself.

Lucy Gaffney, described as one of Ireland’s most promising indie-pop prospects by HOT PRESS and celebrated for her “celestial” music by Liam Gallagher, continues to enchant with her sensuous vocals and lo-fi art rock. Her music, often enveloped in a bohemian haze, draws comparisons to the emotive power of Dolores O’Riordan and Sinead O’Connor, yet stands out for its distinctive originality.

From busking the streets of Belfast to collaborating with acclaimed artists and garnering support from major radio outlets like BBC Radio 1 and RTE 2FM, Gaffney’s career is a beacon of artistic integrity and innovation. “Big Love” not only adds to her impressive discography but also deepens her exploration into themes of belonging, love, and the nuanced tapestry of human emotions.

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As “Big Love” plays its harmonious melody, let it transport you to the rolling hills of Belfast, offering a glimpse into the heart of an artist who finds beauty in the familiar and transforms it into something universally felt and cherished.