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IMR New Music - vol1 - Youtube Video Series

IMR New Music Vol.1

IMR launched a new YouTube channel and has finally released a collection of a few of our favorite tunes from the last month or so ago. The video plays the songs over looping backgrounds and hopefully gives you something aesthetically pleasing to have on in the background while you check out these amazing artists.

Watch it here and please help us share some great new music by subscribing and following the channel. Click the link!

💿 Songlist:

0:00 Imani Graham – ‘About Last Night’ Review:

3:59 Margot Polo – ‘This Old Thing’

7:36 Harrison Storm – ‘Sea and Fire’ Review:

11:24 Bec Sykes – ‘Edithvale’ Review:

14:05 America Jayne – ‘Pretend’ Review:

18:34 Cape Francis – ‘Comatose’ Review:

22:45 Post Radio – ‘Into The Tide’ Review:

26:37 Ludvig Moon – ‘New Town’ Review: