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I think it’s a rare thing to be so enraptured in a sound or collection of sounds that you really are left a little speechless. Iska Dhaaf has left me speechless. I mean, I’m a music writer, so I am now bubbling over. The production, the mix, the eclectic instrumentation, the movements and pace in this track is nothing short of brilliant. I would even say that this is close to perfection and as passionate a release I have heard in the last year.

The amazing part is that this culminates their latest ep, UP. The song itself is described as “hauntingly beautiful,” this is the writers foray into loss and the longing of being apart from those you love. There are warmth and analog-style to this track, a muse to Benjamin Verdoe’s sullen and pensively paced vocal. As the title hints, the song culminates into a brilliant orchestral piece, that flows eloquently into the indie electronic vibes.