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Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Top Gun Scene that should've been

Revival by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Australian born, Tim Bettinson has written, performed and produced an atmospheric album in Revival that leaves me scouring the internet to find more of his material.  Ethereal vocals mixed with cutting beats and melodic almost symphonic electronic tones.  Naturally, after hearing the first few phrases from the lips of Bettinson, the Bon Iver comparisons start flowing.  I’ll leave that alone and just say that the compositions and lyrics aren’t really comparable. Beyond the vocals, I think the similarity ends.  I find the songs on Revival are much more harmonic and clustered with pop inspired undertones that accentuate the slight embellishments that take these tracks to another level.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic is quite obscure in there lyrics, and that leaves me trying to continually pull the meaning out of the emotion in the songs.   “Killing Me To Love You” is a stand out track.  The tune makes me think about the scene in Top Gun when and Tom Cruise is pulling up to Charlie’s sea side hacienda.  This would’ve been a much better sound track.

Overall, the production is great, just the right cluster of sound to layer on each other.  I have enjoyed this album much more with headphones on and find the mix to be well balanced.  I don’t particularly find the musicianship to be outstanding, but they do so well complement each other, that I am not disappointed.

I look forward to following this band, and Tim Bettinson’s career.


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Technical Aspects
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Solid album, but can't wait to see them live.
Fantastic feel and overall flow of the album.
Can be thought of as a bit generic.
No one area really stands out.