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Underoath - Erase Me
Underoath - Erase Me

Erase Me by Underoath

Erase Me” is Underoath’s first album in over 8 years, stating insurmountable reasons and overwhelming odds the band has seemed to find the space and connectedness to pull off what many thought was going to be impossible.  Aaron Gillespie rejoins the band and brings his infected snare and clean almost polished emotionally charged vocals back to the band.  Not seeing action since “Lost in the Sound of Separation” (2008), Gillespie’s songwriting brings the polished sound of “There Only Chasing Safety” and connects that with Spencer Chamberlain’s scream influenced “Ø (disambiguation).”

Underoath - Erase Me Album Cover
Underoath – Erase Me

Erase Me,” is hard-fought and every breath of Underoath’s vocals, led by Chamberlain/Gillespie, feeds the pureness and mindfulness for the bands new sonic direction.  In the early years, Underoath was a darling in the christian hardcore scene, leading and professing Christ to all at their performances.  I don’t know these dudes personally, but it seems that they are maturing in their faith, as all do.  They admit to have been through struggles and successes and have expressed that they are more concerned with inclusiveness than exclusive faith-based rhetoric. Using a few well placed swear words on their new album doesn’t mean they aren’t faithful Christians, and ultimately it doesn’t matter if they are or not, that’s not our concern; the music is inspired.  From the track, “Wake Me“, Chamberlain calls out “Open up my eyes and show me salvation, wake this body up cause I’m tired of sleeping, wake me and give me a reason.” This calls out a cry for understanding, and lifting the impasse of complacency that seemed to surround the immaturity in earlier lyrics. I hear these honest expressions within the lyrics throughout the album and think that this is a desire for understanding, which many of us are tired of wrestling with.

Underoath has progressed beyond the metalcore sounds of “Illuminator” and ” A Divine Erradication” found on “Ø (disambiguation)” to a more catching and  melodic version of itself.  “Rapture” is a gem: driving, emotional and an honest summary of the bands new focus with a haunting comparison to Nine Inch Nails in the synth. Thinking of the natural progression Underoath has gone through I must say I don’t buy the “selling out” comments by some egregious fans. Underoath has been around for a long time and has matured over the years, you can’t just go back to what you did, who you were 10 years ago, it doesn’t work;  It’s inauthentic and unfaithful to the evolution of the band.


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Melodic hardcore at it's best.
Aaron Gillespie and Spencer Chamberlain are fantastic together.
Not very unique, fits the melodic hardcore mold.